Run 4 Rufiji map


January 8, 2018                                             For Immediate Release

Beautiful sunsets, the sounds of hippos grunting and a symphony of birds in song are approximately 12,800 km from Chatham in the mighty Rufiji River delta of Tanzania, which is where a group of 14 local residents will be heading this July. The group of volunteers are from 2 area churches heading to the banks of the Rufiji River in support of East Africa River Mission, led by directors Graydon and Sarah Baker. Graydon spent much of his formative years in Chatham, as the son of former Emmanuel Baptist Church pastor Rick Baker.

Run 4 Rufiji is a FUN, FAMILY-focused, 5K / 2K Run / Walk with proceeds going to support Team Tanzania 963, as they head over to Africa in July. The team will be building a house for one of Graydon’s church partners, as well as any other projects along the way.

East Africa River Mission is strengthening their community by teaching English to local residents, giving them hope and the opportunity to advance onward to university and beyond. For more details, click on www.eastarm.net

Cost for the 5K / 2K –       Family $50

  • Individual $20

To register for the Run 4 Rufiji 5K / 2K event, go to  https://raceroster.com/events/2018/16437/run-4-rufiji


Media contact for interviews, etc.- Dale Elliott elad_34@hotmail.com  519-365-1450